Puns are the lowest form of humor, which explains why I'm using one. Anyhow, this page introduces you to the key players in Crossed Wires, and tells you a bit about them. Most bit-part characters (Maverick bosses and their ilk) won't feature in here, but any character that makes frequent appearances or changes the plot in a big way will have an entry.

The cast of MegaMan X: Crossed Wires
X is the universe's bitch. Thrown into the middle of a war between forces far greater than himself, X must rely on his sarcastic wit and MAD SKILZ to get him by. Fortunately, he also has Dr. Light to help him out, and Zero to back him up. Dr. Cain keeps him grounded in reality by calling him a pussy.
Ah Zero. Zero of the ambiguous sexuality. X's mentor, leader of the Maverick Hunters, and heatthrob of zillions of fangirls, Zero is just one cool dude. In a departure from how he's usually portrayed, Zero is probably the nicest member of the cast, unless you piss him off and incur the wrath of his AEWSOME POWAH.
Drunk, morose, sarcastic, and increasingly senile, Dr. Cain is the man responsible for the Maverick Wars and he deals with it by being the crotchetiest old geezer this side of Hell's creation. A constant thorn in X's side, Old Man Cain disbelieves X's skilz and mocks his femeninity. Zero takes this in stride, but even his patience has been severely strained.
X's creator and father of the reploid race, Dr. Light manifests in the form of a holographic ghost that appears, gives X a pep talk and a shiney new upgrade, and then dissapears just as mysteriously. He sympathizes with X's plight, but he doesn't apologize for it, and he can kick X's ass good when he needs it. He's also the biggest Street Fighter fan on Earth.
Oddly enough, Vile is likely the most mentally well-balanced member of the cast. Sure he likes pounding around in his mech and killing things, but what better way is there to deal with stress? Viles is in general a happy person who just likes causing pain and talking smack to people. However, recently his relationship with Sigma is becoming increasingly strained because Sigma is being, in Vile's words, "A melodramatic fool."
A man with a vision. A mean with a dream. A man with no hair. Sigma is a revolutionary who set out to make reploids the ruling class. Unfortunately for him he's slowly going insane; being surrounded by incompetent underlings will do that to you. Sigma approaches life with a dramatic flair that can sometimes get him into trouble, but when pressed he is a force to be reckoned with.
The cast of Wacky Hijinx
Me! Woot! I forsook Zero's armor, but kept the hair. I'm kind of insane. I like women and video games and long walks on the beach. The source of a great deal of random humor in the comic, though I do play the straight man to Taylor's insanity.
Raw chaos in human form. Taylor lives life like he's playing Grand Theft Auto and never looks back. The ultimate party animal, and the most rabid otaku ever to watch anime.
A walking library of western European history, among other things. Josh is probably the least random of the group, but that doesn't mean much. His passion for violence is exceeded only by Taylor's, and his sense of humor is only strained by my crude sexual innuendo. Somewhat homophobic, but anyone who tries to make fun of him for it gets a bat to the crotch.
Why are me and my friends suddenly interacting with people from the 21st century? Because it IS the 21st century! And Roll's hot. So I reprogrammed her to be my love slave. MegaMan is inclined to be pissed off about this, but I'm inexplicably able to kick his ass. Keen.
My bigass action figure. Unicron is a hunk of plastic who just wants a twinkie and a little love... or world domination, whichever comes first.
Dr. Wily is my psychiatrist. This explains a hell of a lot.
Danielle dumped me, so she's not going to feature into the comic as much as she might have otherwise. There's little in the way of hard feelings though, so she'll still show up from time to time.

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