Banner Gallery

This is just a chance for me to show off. These are all the ads that I've done for the site. Rather than simply discared them after they've served their usefulness, I've decided to put them here so that you may marvel at how terrible they are. Yes, I do assume you're all masochistic.
If you want, feel free to use any of these banners on your site. You'll notice a variety of sizes and styles, so if you have some burning desire to advertise for me (which probably won't happen unless I make a pact with Satan), you'll probably find something you like.

The original. It's obviously supposed to give you an idea of what the characters are like. Hopefully you will like the characters and decide to read the comic.

Basically the same thing, but smaller. This is the one I actually ended up using in the Machadrake/Nocturnal Soldier forum for a while.

To announce the debut of Magnus's Comic. It's all downhill from here, folks.

My button. You can use it, if you like. ;)

The ad banner I created after I switched to Ice's server. It didn't really happen like this, but it's amusing to think that it might have.

Something I whipped up to register at Buzzcomix. Isn't it keen?

Shut up, Lyra. That's not what I meant. >_<

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