This is the part of the website where I give shoutouts to the other websites out there that I think are worth mentioning. If you think you're worth mentioning, feel free to e-mail me, but keep in mind: a) having your link on my site will do more to hurt your popularity than help it, and b) if your website doesn't appeal to me on some level, no amount of begging will get it up here. Them's just the breaks.

Nocturnal Soldier is Ukemura's site, where you can find many awesome fandomy bits about MegaMan, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other stuffs. Be sure to check out her convention pics, she's an arousing Bakura cosplayer. *growls*

Maq's Hunter Hideout is the hide out of Maq, oddly enough. Maq is an awesome gal and she has teh mad art skillz, so her site is WELL worth checking out. Maq also gets props for bring my original host, but server problems forced her to let me go. She would have taken me back on after her troubles were sorted out, but I stuck with Ice to spare Maq's burgeoned bandwidth. Because my site loading faster is better for me and I'm an asshole. ;)

Mechadrake Assemblies Inc., though recently recovering from a server crash, is among the older MegaMan fansites still on the web, so pay homage! It is lorded over by mistress Red Draco, she who writes some of the most bad-ass fanfiction EVAR. You best recognize, foo'.

Loath as I am to hop on any bandwagons, Bob and George is indeed a mighty force of sprite comicing, and has inspired many authors of many other sprite comics. I could sort of be included in that group, I guess, but I'm more inspired to make fun of it than anything else. Anyhow, you'll probably need to have some passing knowledge of this comic to understand me when I make jokes at its expense, so a link is here. Also keep in mind that BnG hosts a large number of "Fancomics" and "Subcomics", most of which are worth a few looks. I particularly reccomend "Jailhouse Blues" and "Dysfunction".

Penny Arcade just has to be here. If anyone inspired me to create the starkly unique and offensive material I strive to create, it was these guys. You will behold a legend among gaming comics when you click this link. And besides, "wang" is really pretty funny.

VG Cats is a bizzare little com ic featuring the adventures of two fuzzy kitties... sort of. Oh and there's also PantsMan, defender of justice, liberty, and... um, pants. Easily one of the best video game comics ever concieved.

Acts of Gord is the chronicle of the one, the true Gord, the Gord who reigned on high over a video game shop, and did talk smack to stupid customers, and did smite the bejesus out of those who stole from his fine establishment, and who predicted that the PS2 would kick Xbox's ass, and lo, it was so. Pure awesomeness.

Sprites Inc. is well-known as the premier MegaMan Sprite website on the 'net. If you need any kind oif MegaMan-related sprite, you can probably get it here. Any con-custom sprites you see on this page was likely gleefully looted from here, or the following page:

The Sprite HQ used to be a great place to find sprites that you couldn't get from Sprites Inc., but the place has recently gone down with no explanation that I've heard, and we are left simply to mourn its ashes. Especially me, seeing as how I didn't get a chance to downloard their King Dragon sprites. *grumbles*

Another good source of video game sprites, The People's Sprites is better known for a large number of freely shared custom sprites. Need a MM-style Daredevil? It's right here. A 16-bit Puppet Gannon? Aisle 6. A ferrari? Look no further.

The Revolution

These are still links, but these are links that I think deserve special recognition because they're to sites that share my passion: Sprite Comics. If Sprite Comics are ever to generate the degree of recognition that I and a great number of people agree they deserve, then we must prove to the rest of the world that the genre is not composed entirely of idiot ten year-olds. To that end, I seek out any decent Sprite Comics I can find, and post them here. Viva la resistance.

I used to share server space with Starnik's Station, so I guess you could say I sort of have a soft spot for it. The comic has an in-depth (if somewhat convoluted) storyline, some ingenious original characters (such as Taco Man), and one of the less stereotpyical portrayals of MegaMan I've seen in a while. Highly reccomended.

The Uncanny X-Sprites isn't REALLY the greatest sprite comic ever, but it takes a relatively fresh look at spriting (using only customized sprites instead of existing sprites of the characters), and it's usually quite amusing if you know anything about the X-Men. The art isn't bad, either, considering it's almost all customized 16-bit MegaMan sprites.

Pokemon-X is the first comic I've ever seen to use Pokemon sprites, and it's rather well done. Story-driven, it nonetheless works in some great gags, and the art has some surprises. The facial expressions of the characters, while sometimes subtle, never fail to express the emotions of the character. An acquired taste, but worth looking up.

Enpitsudo Dojo is an almalgam of various works by the very talented Son Goharatto. His art is superb, his fanfics far above average, and his sprite comic, A Ninja in 20XX is a masterpiece that boasts a simple but deep plot, colorful characters, nice custom sprites, and incredible action. Easily among the best Sprite Comics I've ever seen, and now he's updating. W00t.

Crash and Bass is an unusual take on the MegaMan cannon, and features an interesting tale of time travel and what-ifs with paradoxes galore. Highlights include rejected Robot Masters and a bald Dr. Light. Be sure to check out the flash videos; they're easily some of the best out there.

Super Adventure Quint! is the adventures of Quint in an alternate timeline. Why did the author pick Quint? I have no clue. But he makes the character interesting, and the comic is certainly amusing. What more can you ask for?

Crowded Street Advanced Inc. hosts a pair of interesting webcomics, It Ain't Easy Being Blue, and The Other Side. The former is cute, but the latter is the real reason the site earns a spot here, as The Other Side is easily among the most interedting and well-executed sprite comics I've ever seen. Artwork on the same level as A Ninja in 20XX, a tight and multi-layered plot, and a host of interesting canon and original characters make this comic a treat to read. It also sports gender bendings. You won't believe Zero with boobs could be this sexy.

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